Dog’s Eye View: A New Webcomic Series

Dog’s Eye View 1

We have a dog. His name is Duke. I’ve wanted to bring his spirit and personality into a comic for some time now.

Well, here we go.

In a series I am calling Dog’s Eye View, I’ll be posting comics now and then with a dog as the center of the action. The real Duke is an inspiration for the comic strip Duke, but who knows where this idea is going to go. I’m using my go-t0 comic-making app, so the art is limited. In other words, you might see common poses of the main character across strips.

Let me know if this comic strip idea, as seen from a dog, seems like a good idea …. Maybe I’ll even use some of the ideas in a books some of us are reading about the art of cartooning and move over to paper at some point!


Peace (with kibbles and biscuits),

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