Gamestar Mechanic’s Summer Design Program

I shared this opportunity with my students, some of whom really were engaged in our video game design project earlier this year and continue to use Gamestar Mechanic to develop and publish their own games, which is pretty cool. This new summer initiative by the Gamestar Mechanic folks will link up students with professional video game designers, and have them work on developing video games with an eye towards more advanced techniques (you know, I wouldn’t mind doing the camp). There is a cost associated with the summer program, but I wanted my students to at least know about it. You may want to share the idea with some of your gamers, too.

Here is the link to the summer program within Gamestar Mechanic

Peace (in the game),

  1. Kevin
    When you did your gaming unit how did you approach that with parents and did you have any/much resistance. Seems to be being proactive would be the way to go, but just wondering.


    • Good question
      I gave my families a heads-up and laid out the rationale, and met no resistance at all. I think they liked using their child’s interest for learning. I did worry about complaints about “too much screen time” and I was conscious of that, but it never came. That worry is my own, though, as a parent and teacher, even with my emphasis on tech.

  2. Thanks Kevin. Yes I can identify with the too much screen time worry – I have that myself. I have a few quite ardent gaming fans in the class. I am thinking I will give it a go by end of year, just to see for myself how it impacts on the students. And what learning comes from it. I can see how creativity, problem solving, critical and reflective thinking come in etc. I just am not sure how well they will include the curriculum learning area so well. Try it and see for myself I think is the answer.

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