OnPoEvMo: Mannequin January 2007

This is my first poem of 2007 for my One Poem Every Month for a Year adventure and I guess it was inspired by my recent experimentation with StopMotion Animation and my use of a mannequin in a dancing movie.

Mannequin (January 2007)

Listen to the poem

I am the mannequin
Sinewy thoughts all aflow
Dancing on the edge of the stage
just inches from disaster and audience intrigue
as the invisible hand caresses me into shape,
and guides me forward into the spotlight.

I can hear the harmony, the melody, the music,
somewhere in the back of my mind
the growl of the ever-expanding universe
so bones begin to pop, skin falls away,
my mask comes undone
until there is nothing left of me but soul
and movement.

I am the mannequin
who believes in self-determination
yet fears the unknown hand at my back
which wields the majestic power and authority
of preordained fate.

I slip the string
loosen the knot
and fall off the stage
with the resounding crash of independent thought.

Peace (with string),

  1. Bravo!!!! You blow me away! You’ve got the words that we can hear from your voice and you can provide the inspiration for the poem, your own visual creation. I am speechless. I’m so glad I know you!
    It’s so great to be using bloglines to get the news of new creations fast!

  2. More from me! I showed this work for my tech team today. Like me they were blown away. The poem, the movie, the whole thing. And on top of that you’re an elementary teacher. Shock and awe is putting it mildly. Were your ears burning?

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