Ants: An Angry Poem

Darn those pesky little ants. They’ve found our home. My only response was to write a poem about them.

Ants — A Tirade
(listen to the poem)

The ants invade
these days
in waves
and my brain is just crazed
with ways to contain them —
stop them
although, I’m afraid,
that that can of Raid is no longer part of
our chemical brigade
and while finger-crunching-kids may play
the role of the Giant,
it remains a fact that more and more ants
are coming in out of the shade
to stay
and our only hope
is to sweep the crumbs from the counter tops
Be gone, ants,
I’ll make you pay with another of my
terrible, awful, insubstantial

Peace (in little things),

  1. @ Kevin–On the one hand I’m glad to know I’m not alone in my quest to rid my house of ants; on the other I’m sorry to hear that you are afflicted so.

    @ Liza–Windex eh? Ever watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding? It relates, trust me 🙂

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