Comics and Bears for PhotoFriday

It’s time for PhotoFriday (the collective Flickr photo sharing group started up by Bonnie) and I am sharing out two photos this week.

The first photo is related to my Slice of Life story the other day, as I captures a bear going through my trash:

The second one is another installment of my new comic series called Outerworld Web. (You can also catch up on the series at my new Google Sites home of the comic):

Peace (in pictures),

  1. Wasn’t planning on commenting but …
    I just had a bear on my deck, standing up and leaning against the screen door. Air separated us! I walked toward him to shoo him away and he came down onto all fours, turning to go. This deck is up a flight and as he turned to go down, he looked at me and paused. Honestly he had the eyes of a dog begging for scraps. He was in no hurry to go. As I turned to walk away he came back toward the door.
    So much for letting the breeze in on a beautiful day.

    Gail P

  2. Hi Kevin,

    The Outerworld comic is GREAT! I can see all kinds of possible uses. I’ve also tinkered with using comics in the classroom and find that the kids really like them. This year I had the kids each create one comic strip that summed up what they wanted to say to their homeroom teacher about the year that had just passed. They printed their strips, handed them in, and I had one student cut and paste them all into a book which the kids presented to the teacher. She was thrilled, and the kids did an amazing job with the comics. There’s something very liberating and unthreatening about not having to draw your own characters. The kids worked on the assignment for an hour and there wasn’t a peep out of them (except to share ideas and ask for feedback from friends – “Hey man, read mine… etc.)
    Thanks for sharing. It was a really good idea to introduce the characters to the reader, rather than make us figure it out, which we could have, but this was better.
    BTW – the bear picture is pretty amazing so now I just have to go read your slice of life story!

  3. I love the photo, Kevin! I’ll say again that I don’t think I could have been as calm as you and your wife were when you saw this ‘little’ guy mucking about in your trash!

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