Off to a Writing Conference

Today, I am attending and presenting at a conference called “Re-Envisioning Writing Assessment” that centers on how we assess writing in this era of standards and curriculum alignment. It should be interesting and I am presenting with two friends from the National Writing Project (Mary and Christina) on how to address the integration of technology into writing for students of all needs, and still find ways to suitably assess that work.

My part of the workshop centers around the digital picture books that my students do each year.

We’ve been working on our presentation via Google Docs, first as a document to plan and then in the slide show element to develop the actual workshop. I am going to embed a version of the presentation here, although the movie links and audio files won’t come through in this version. But I haven’t embedded a Google slideshow, yet.


Peace (in writing),

  1. The electronic story books look like a lot of fun! I really need to get my class typing better so we can try out some of these kinds of projects. As it is, the typing really slows us down and even the simplest word processing projects take forever!

  2. Hi Kevin – I am really looking forward to watching and listening to the final version of this project!!!! Any chance you can let me know when it is available… Cheers – thanks for sharing!

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