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Some folks struggled with this week’s Day in a Sentence, which was converted into Day in a Metaphor. I certainly want to keep the hurdles low for participation, and yet, it seems worthy to add some twists and turns here and there to ikeep us on our toes, right? Using yet another metaphor, this blog becomes a sort of butterfly net when I put out the call for sentences and I am always astounded by the beautiful array of colorful and unique words that come my way. Most important, we never pin them down beneath a glass box. Instead, we release them back into the world and let them fly into our minds.

So, without further ado, your colorful, floating Days in a Metaphor:

  • An electronic banking disaster with my son’s university payments, a permanently locked stove due to a power failure, and news of my sister’s mandatory trip to Afghanistan were huge hailstones in a week that has already been a blizzard of activity.Janice
  • Monday was the Boris and Natasha to my moose and squirrel intentions for the week.Angie (who notes that she was inspired by her 25-year-old son).
  • This sizzling pizza, hot from the oven of summer’s kitchen, cools in the humid glow of the afternoon.Ken
  • Coming back from Christmas holidays, my first day was a three toed sloth; everyone seemed to be alive but nothing actually moved.James
  • my january schedule is a sack of cats – hectic, overwhelming, and yowling. i can’t wait for things to become routine!sara
  • My week has been like a balloon, carefree, easy, flexible with no purposeful direction, coloured with the magic of 5 weeks of summer holidays.Anne M.
  • My week has been a raging, tireless, flaming dragon of a cough that refuses to let me sleep.Lynn J. (Note from Kevin: Gosh, I hope she is on the mend)
  • The work of catching up from the holidays is a snake that bends this way and that with jobs past forgotten and new ones to complete, oh so slick and hard to hold on to; where will you lead me if I follow your tail? Illya
  • On Monday I stood at the base of the beanstalk known as The First Week Back After Break, and looked up into the unknown with excitement and anticipation…and then the foot of the giant known as Reality stepped out of the clouds and smushed me with his monstrously big boot sole of routines and meetings and grading and planning and…Mary Lee
  • Week 3 of our winterbreak is an oasis, a respite, a meditation while the rest of the world cedes into the work flurries of a new year.Lynne C.
  • Working hours for an English teacher are those tiny, so-called “standard” paper clips; they never stretch nearly enough to clamp together all the to-be-graded papers of one kind from one class.Jo
  • A Half consumed cup of coffee at 4pm is the punch line of the joke that I forgot this morning reminding me that I can’t get everything done when it’s due and that’s okay.Mary F.
  • Our neighborhood is wrapped in a blanket of soft, beautiful snow but my “to do” list keeps me prisoner at my desk . . . for now.Amy K.
  • My mind is a cluttered desk badly in need of organizing but I’m an absent-minded professor whose files are bursting with ideas and dreams.Nancy
  • Thursday was a whirlwind, scattering my emotions all over the place when I heard the Pastor-Parish Relations committee at my church had requested the District Superintendent to remove our minister NOW, and he complied.Cynthia (who notes she is digging to get more information about the situation)
  • And Bonnie, who added her non-metaphorical thought: School closings this week and I watched from my window and remembered my treacherous journeys out and off in my car, dealing with slippery roads. I’m glad I was able to light a fire, sip coffee and write away. Good thing that most schools were respectful to their teachers and canceled.

Peace (in capture and release),

  1. Darn – forgot to send it in! Here you go, better late than never 🙂

    My week seems to fall into the theme of trying to get things organized…

    This week my students were cats I had to herd into enclosed pens with which they wrote their exams.

  2. Thanks for that. I enjoy reading but can’t claim to be much of a writer myself. We are each given our own gifts and I relish the opportunity to share yours along with the rest of the world.
    Gail P
    (and yes it is still snowing)

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