Today .. I Get to Write

I’m excited. Today, I found some time in the weekend schedule (thank you, honey) to join the first of a series of Writing Marathons being sponsored by my Western Massachusetts Writing Project. We’re gathering over at Smith College for a few hours, just to write, share and connect.

What am I going to write today? I have a whole list of ideas and am struggling with what to focus on (a common problem — thus, Kevin’s Meandering Mind).

Here are some ideas:

  • More Boolean Squared. I have a handful of potential stories and ideas for my comic and it would be nice to have time to write them and begin putting them together.
  • Our new bike path in Leeds. I love it but people are already leaving trash along the edges. That drives me nuts. And it lends creedance to those who advocate AGAINST bike paths. I’m thinking of a letter to the editor on this one.
  • I started a piece about how I write for myself, but in a public sphere (such as this blog) and what that means. I’m not sure what that means and the piece needs a lot of work.
  • This year, I am co-teaching an inclusion classroom for the first time (well, I piloted it a bit last year) and I would love to write about how that is going and what we are learning along the way. It’s been a day-to-day navigation, made easier by the fact that we get along so well. But, I wonder, what if we didn’t get along? This so-called system we have right now would just fall apart.
  • Short stories and poems. Got a head full of possibilities there.

Oh well, we’ll see where it goes. If you live in Western Mass and want to join us, we’re meeting at the Smith College Art Museum at 11 a.m. Bring a lunch, something to write with and a $3 fee to cover some costs.

Peace (in the words),


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