Boolean Abandons the Grade Remorse Calculator App

This is the final installment (11 comics!) of the Imagination App story arc for Boolean Squared. And it ends with Boolean pulling the plug.

Peace (in the story),

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  1. Hey Kevin, I don’t know if you’re in search of a new story-line for Boolean, but I was thinking it would be cool to maybe introduce a real tech-savvy, smarty-pants girl as part of the scene. She could be a great example of how tech isn’t just for boys. All your characters are guys except for “mom” — maybe a sassy girl or woman could take it down a new and trendy path! Just thinking — not judging. You know I love the llama!
    Best, TB
    ps. I have some ideas if you’re interested…

    • It’s funny you say that, Tina, because I have a character off in the wings — a young girl who is smarter, quicker and feistier than either of the boys and she will be coming into the comic not far down the road. I know this BS world is mostly boys (although, my cyborg is a girl). I would love any and all story lines that you might have.

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