Day 19: 30Poems 30Days

(Poet’s note: Last week, our school (like most schools) held a ceremony for Veteran’s Day and I noticed how the number of veterans in attendance continues to shrink each year. I listened to one of my students play Taps on his trumpet with our music teacher, and heard another teacher explain to our entire school the meaning of Taps in ceremony. I thought of silence.)

The bugle plays
with no notes;
only silence

Here is the Voicethread with this poem added:

Peace (in the rememberance),


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  1. inspiring, goldfish, truly inspiring. i have a poem i’d like to add to the voicethread:

    thick philly fog pulls me outside
    despite coffee and computer combo
    beanies and scarves abound
    and my camera points upward
    following a spectrum of evaporation

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