More Digital Is Conference Sharing

This is the keynote address by Danielle Nicole DeVoss that got us thinking and then moving yesterday at the National Writing Project’s Digital Is Conference.

The Digital World is…

  • Networked
  • Collaborative
  • Multimodal
  • Re-Mediated
  • Remixed
  • Policed
  • (Requires) Critical thinking
  • (Can Be) Democratic

Peace (in the sharing),


  1. Dogtrax (if that is your real name), super cool VoiceThread. who’s the NWP geek? (i got your back, Peter). the giga-tweet is astonishing, i have two followers. (don’t write me off yet though). i also appreciated Paul Allison’s use of the word “amplified”–writing/composing can function differently in digital environments. what seemed imaginary becomes real with the audience response. thanks for including quotes and pics of people participating in Dig Is… it seems like it was a thought-provoking way to start the conference off. John

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