Digital Writing Matters

Troy Hicks (of the Chippewa River Writing Project and author of The Digital Writing Workshop) has put together an interesting slideshow for a presentation around a book he has been working on with the National Writing Project called Because Digital Writing Matters (a spin on an earlier NWP book called Because Writing Matters).

As with most everything that Troy does, this slideshow deserves a look, and the book (not yet published, I don’t think) should be another keeper in our collection of tomes laying out the foundation for the New Literacy movement in the classroom, particularly around composition with media and technology.

Peace (in the slides),

  1. Wow, Kevin, this is a cool presentation. I really liked the video of the students doing the immigrant project. I’m going to show it to our ELL teachers. I’m looking forward to getting this book!

  2. Thanks, Kevin, for sharing this presentation with your readers.

    And, yes, you are right… the book isn’t out yet.

    We are just putting the final touches on it with a target publication date of August!

    Thanks again,

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