Slice of Life: When the cat meows

(This is part of the Slice of Life project at Two Writing Teachers)

Some mornings, our cat (Coltrane) drives me crazy. Like this morning. At 3:30 a.m., I hear him prowling around the hallways and he starts to meow, just low enough to drive a sound stake into my head. I try to quietly call him back to the bed. He ignores me and starts to cry again. Then he goes silent. I start to drift, only to be awakened again by him. Dagnabit!

I finally muster up the energy to get up and put him outside, only to have him run and hide under the table. Does he want to go out or not? I grab a new can of cat food. That piques his interest. I open up the lid. Now, he is halfway out of his hiding place. I do a quick fake move towards the counter, feint to the left and then reach down and pluck the old fellow up. He is now about 15 years old, but still pretty spry. I cradle him in one hand and the can of food in the other.

He is purring. I am tired. I toss him outside and put a bit of food out there for him. The purring gets louder. It’s hard to stay too made at a purring cat, I guess. I reach down and pet him, and then go back inside, way too early for the start of the day.

Next up, the dog …

Peace (in the moment),


  1. I think there was a full moon this weekend. Are your animals a bit crazier during that time, mine are. I could picture everything you wrote and instantly thought about my dog who has the same types of antics.

  2. Ah cats! One of my female cats does the same nighttime meowing. When we wake up in the morning, we’ll usually find random pieces of paper or empty toilet paper rolls scattered around the house. She carries them around the house like dead kittens as she is meowing. Its so sad but annoying.

  3. Cats definitely inspire a love-hate relationship. I myself am not a true cat person but my husband is, and so we have a cat. He’s a frisky, mischievous creature with a needy, cuddly side that has proven to be his redeeming quality but it’s easily forgotten when he attacks my feet in the middle of the night and I give him a hard, annoyed shove off the bed.

  4. Hi, Kevin! Great slice to start the month. And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one doing this cat-dance! Looking forward to finding out what’s up with you as we slice through March. Is the Quidditch tournament coming up soon, or have your students moved on to Olympic contests?

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