Picture Book Challenge, Day 2: The Boy with the Angry Stomach

I’m in day two of the National Picture Book Writing Week (NaPiBoWriWee — that’s a mouthful, eh?)  with Paula Yoo, and again, I turn to Storybird for the art and inspiration. In this book, I imagine a storyteller (a piece of bread!) telling the tale of a young boy learning about anger. The story emerged from looking at the picture on the cover here. I wondered: what would a face in your stomach say to you? And what would the kid think? From there came The Boy with the Angry Stomach.

The Boy With the Angry Stomach on Storybird

Peace (in the story),

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  1. Nice idea… I think everyone can relate to the idea of something living in the pit of their stomach, cause that’s exactly what it feels like. I also really appreciate you sharing the site, cause it’s a neat one. I went to it, just intending to check it out… not feeling creative at all, and then, before I knew it, a story had been created. It’s here, in case you want to see what you inspired:

    Thanks again for sharing.

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