Slice of Life: Rally for the NWP

Slice of Life 2011

This is going to be a short Slice of Life today because most of my writing energy was taken up with composing a piece about saving the National Writing Project. We lost our federal funding and this weekend, those of us who are online are trying rally support for our organization by blogging and lobbying our legislators. If you have been part of any NWP event, or understand its importance in helping teachers, I’d encourage you to blog about it as well.

This is my post: Why the National Writing Project Matters

And organizer Chad Sansing has more information about the #blog4nwp weekend here at his own blog.

Me? I seem to have lost some of my actual voice with a cold (just in time for a four hour workshop tomorrow around digital storytelling) but my fingers are working just fine, and my other voice — my digital voice — feels pretty strong today.

I hope you can join us as writers, or at least, as readers and supporters of the National Writing Project.

Peace (in the rally),

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