March Book Madness: Because Digital Writing Matters

I am still doing my March Book Madness feature, but today’s feature is a reprint from the past, given the work many of us are doing this weekend to support the work of the National Writing Project in the face of federal funding cuts. I wrote this Glogster review of NWP’s Because Digital Writing Matters back in September.

Peace (in the digital age),

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  2. I hate all these specious cuts! We’ve felt all kinds of chopping at our particular corner of education (losing roughly 1/3 of our students through class cuts over the last two years), and I hate reading about more. But we must care, we must make our voices heard (although I know for a fact that my congressman votes lockstep with the TeaPublicans–we’re lucky to have Feinstein for one of our senators). Thanks for the call to duty.

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