Days in a Sentence, Released

dayinsentenceiconI relaunched Day in a Sentence last week and honestly, I wasn’t sure if anyone would come along for the ride. Thankfully, a few folks did, and I have something to share this week. I’ll be posting a new call for this coming week tomorrow (I think), so if you didn’t get a chance to add your reflective sentence this past week, no worries. We’ll gladly and happily make room for you in this coming week.

And now, this week’s Days in a Sentence.

Tracy and her boy are doing some exploring where it is cool, a respite from the heat. She writes, “Jack and I are celebrating his first attempts at crawling by camping out at his grandparents…thoroughly enjoying the air conditioning that we don’t have so he doesn’t work up too much of a sweat with his movements.”

Nancy seems swamped with kids, but lets the caffeine kick in to help control the ruckus. She writes, “I have four kids this week and I wasn’t sure I was up to the challenge but I’ve found a Mother’s Helper in my 7 year old niece, so that, along with coffee, is keeping me alive!”

Bonnie has been working hard with teachers learning about learning in the digital age. She writes, “On this hot morning for a second day of our digital teacher lab I’m blasting up north on the NYS Thurway!”

If our lesson were imagery this week, Lynn would get a shout-out of praise. Heck. I’m going to do it anyway. Her sentence is so vivid. She writes, “Here in Northern Mexico I am sweltering beside the Sea of Cortez, yet can’t get enough of the watery horizon alongside the desert landscape, the huge brown pelicans diving for fish and the bathwater-warm sea.”

And Cynthia’s sentence reads like family poetry. You can even hear the music of her accent. She writes, ““MyMy, it’s ‘morn din’; time to go to the playroom for coffee” is music to my ears each morning during our stay in Dallas as we get ready for Tommy LaRue’s fourth birthday party on Saturday, music even when it’s morning before the crack of dawn.”

And finally, Debbie writes of her son, home from college. That’s still a few years down the road from me as a dad, but it feels like another world on the horizon. She writes, “Spending time conversing and “being” with my son, as he visits from college for the weekend, planning and envisioning his future.”

Meanwhile, over at our iAnthology Writing Space (for National Writing Project teachers), I posed the same query and received these wonderful reflections:

  • “Should I do some work, hell no, it’s Saturday.” — Martha
  • “A day of reading, wiki making, and yard work. What might be the connections?” — Rita
  • “Today my mom is 93 and my 90  year old dad will be honored for his commitment to the Democratic Party; they still live together in our first and only house. Yes, they are both fragile and need more help(that they continue to refuse) but not a morning goes by without a call to them to begin my day.” — Bonnie
  • “The day began with sun and ended with darkness.” — Jim
  • “I woke to a dream where my dog Siegfried was cueing me with terms from teaching ELL’s, and we were putting them on post-it’s for a workshop, my colleagues Callie and Christineand I, and as the dream faded I held tight the truth that ideas can come from anywhere (while gardening) and everywhere (dreams of talking dogs) and there are also waking dreams we shape, often with words.” — Susan
  • “I should model better what I want from others.” — Dixie
  • “Strangers become friends, workshops inspire, and community grows enveloped in the magic that is the U of MdWP Summer Institute 2011.” — Cory
  • “Last night our room was too quiet without him; we’ve hardly spent a night apart in 31 years, and I’m so glad he’s home.” — Rita C.
  • “Hard work, dedication, and perseverance all learned from my father who served 40 years on the fire department!” — Jeremy
  • “As I swing my leg off my bike, unclipping from my pedals, pulling myself out of the ride that almost did me in, one thought surfaces in my foggy brain, “That was a close one.”” — Alicia
  • “Too many hidden, changed, altered agendas take my breath.” — Peg
  • “t has been a blessing sharing your thoughts and ideas with the Writing Project folks.” — Hector
  • “I can create success tomorrow by knowing that opportunity is always just a breath away and is often uncovered by what seems to be failure, but I must make my heart believe it first.” — Peg
  • “Siblings diving into mom’s old chest freezer and examining the fruits and layers of her life.” — Joanne

Thanks to all of you writers and friends. I appreciated your Days in a Sentence.

    • My hope is to keep it weekly. It’s interesting — because it used to be so huge, right? And now we are back to the start again. Just add water …

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