A Slow Week for Days in a Sentence

Some weeks are like that. Slow. I had just two responses to this week’s Days in a Sentence, and I appreciate both Cindy (here at the blog) and Brian (over at Google+) for sharing their reflective thoughts.

Cindy writes: Heads bent slightly, pages turning faster, eyes wide open – a groan of frustration when the timer goes – these flashes of my favorite moments this week are only rivaled by the chorus of voices asking my favorite question: “Can you help me find something to read next?” I love that picture of her students, so intent on reading that nothing else matters … including what happens next, and then the turn to the teacher, asking for some guidance on a book. Wonderful.


And Brian‘s sentence is just as wonderful, as he writes of himself as the writer. Brian: “I picked up the pen and a new notebook and wrote before school, during school, after school at my daughter’s soccer practice, in bed before sleep and then again in the morning before school and it has been one of the best weeks in a long time.”

And I will add a second sentence to the mix this week, too. We just finished up our first full five-day week last week and I do a fluency activity with read-aloud fractured fairy tale plays. “The sounds of chatter and laughter filled the room left empty by summer, signalling a year ahead of creative ventures here in our shared space in which I hope they will emerge as confident writers and readers.

Thanks again to Cindy and Brian. I hope you will join us, too, next time for Day in a Sentence.

Peace (in the sharing),


  1. Hi Kevin
    Something has happened to the Day in a Sentence notifications I think, as I haven’t heard of it happening for several months now. I’d have participated if I’d known you were doing it. (Oh dear, maybe you’ve changed it and not just anyone is invited anymore and I didn’t know.. Just let me know if that’s the case!)
    Have a good week.

  2. Morning Kevin,
    Sorry, I guess I needed the email reminder (:)) but here’s my sentence:
    Last week for me was all about fantasy: meeting Steven Spielberg at a fundraising event. I came close, but no cigar. No matter what, I did benefit from the fantasy- a new revision of my Shindler’s List story and thoughts for a new digital story around it. All good, right?

      • Question: I know that Renee Hobbs has written extensively about copyright but I’m never sure about it. Do you know if I could use a piece of Steven Spielberg’s trailer of Schindler’s List in my piece with a version of the music. I actually have a version of the music for classical guitar played by John Williams, guitarist. It’s gorgeous. I want to learn the piece.

  3. I think you might put out an email query about getting DIAS reminders to the whole community you created and ask who would like email notifications and go from there.

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