A Poetic Reaction to Occupy Wall Street

(I have been trying to make sense of the possibilities for OWS from afar, and this poem seeks to capture the idea of someone on the outside, looking in. — Kevin)


Searching for the Revolution

Here in the square
all voices melt into hand signals
while the echoes of ideas transmit
from one to another to another as shooting stars
in the night’s descending darkness ….

…. handpainted signs strewn like litter
amid tents propped up like homes;
Slashing slogans mixed with fire
amid crowds of youth, mind and bones.

I circle the park
in search of you, knowing
you must be in there somewhere
with eyes ablaze, furious protests
unfurling off your tongue
as you feed on the chill of the night air
and the possibility of revolution …

…. walking, walking, talking, walking
as if I were yet another of your distant planets
circling the sun.
I’m in the clutches of the pull of gravity
edging me ever inward
to a place I find no comfort ….

but I just might find you …

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