Writing a Video Game Review: Template and Sample

We’re working in as much writing as we can during this two-week Science-based Game Design Unit — from posting reflections on our class blog, to storyboarding, to … writing up a review of a video game. I stole this idea from a new Twitter friend, Julie, who was doing it with her seventh grade class and I thought: that’s perfect! Luckily, Julie was willing to share out her graphic organizer with me, and I adapted it for our own needs, and now they are working on writing up a review. Our hope is to publish as many of them as possible, and now Julie and I, and another sixth grade teacher friend Kent (whose students are now working on their own reviews), are thinking of ways to connect our three groups of reviews together.

Here is what my version of Julie’s graphic organizer looks like:
Game Review Organizer

And here is my own sample, in which I reviewed a game called Samorost (and then, we played it for a bit on the Interactive Board):
Samorost 2 Review
I also recorded my review of Samorost as a podcast, which I may have my students do, too, if we have time.

Peace (in the writing),


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