Life is Beautiful: A Tapestry Story

Tapestry is a lovely site for making digital stories. When we talk about the power of minimal design, what I like about Tapestry is the simplicity of the storytelling, for both the writer and for the reader. The ability to set up “taps” creates a certain rhythm of the story. The simple fonts and background options at first seem limiting but then you realize how powerful that can be not to worry about bells and whistles, and instead, focus on the story itself. I am taking part in a storytelling contest Tapestry is launching, with stories on the theme of “Life is Beautiful.”
Here is what I created:

What makes life beautiful for you?
Peace (in reflection),

By the way, I could not find a space on Tapestry for citing where the images came from, so I will do that here. All images are part of Flickr’s Creative Commons library:

Thanks to all of them for creating such great images.

  1. We might ask a song writer “What came first to you? The words or the melody?” After reading this post and your credits for the images, I wondered. Did you write the piece and then look for images? Or did you browse images to match your mood and then write the story?
    Another helpful post might be on using the best search terms when seeking images on the internet. The images you chose would be hard to search for directly.

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