Empires Rise and Fall

I’m not sure if today’s theme is really the Empire State Building or not, for our Wonders of the World poems (I think it is), but I started to think about the word “empire” and then that led me to “family.”

I took my poem — Empires Rise and Fall — and went into Poetry Genius, a site that allows you to annotate poems with text, links, images, and video. You will notice that I put the podcast of the poem into the site, too.

Feel free to add your own annotations to the poem — confront me on my views of memory and feel free to challenge me on the truth of my own family story. Or add your own poem by lifting lines from mine.

Peace (in memory),

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  1. Wow! Definitely a kick you in the gut and think about it for a long time kind of poem. Such beautiful words, Kevin, and such strong images. I love this app, too, another one I definitely want to try. I can’t believe you not only get a poem written, but publish it in a creative way every single day. You are some kind of amazing!

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