Wonder Poem in Progress: Rose City

Today’s Wonder Poem is about Petra, or the Rose City of Jordan. Here’s another Wonder of the World that I knew very little about until Mary Lee put it on the list for poetry. I decided to write my poem in an open source writing platform called TitanPad. It’s sort of like Google Docs, in that you can collaborate, but I like how it creates a “timeline” of revisions, which I then captured as a short video of the writing of the poem. I can say there were no dramatic revisions here, just a bit of moving around words and fixing syntax. So the timeline-effect is not as dramatic as it could be.

I hosted it up at YouTube.

This is the final poem itself:

Rose City (Petra)

This city carved out of stone and rock –
red with time –
calls to me

How many hands
dug deep into mountains to remake it?
How many lives
were lost in the mountain to reshape it?

This city standing on the precipice –
red with stories —
calls to me

Where are the ghost defenders
praying deep into the night to save it?
Where are the brave contenders
seeking for the right to take it?

This city shackled in the earth –
red with history —
calls to me.

Peace (in the writing),

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  1. Ooh — “shackled in the earth” — nice image!

    I didn’t know anything about Petra, either. Fascinating geologically and historically.

    Yet ANOTHER tool I want to try out! Thanks!!

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