GhostWriters: An Odd Collaboration

If you want to experience collaborative writing, but not with live people (maybe you’re not in the mood … I don’t know), check out the Master’s Demo Edition tool from Google Docs, in which you can “write” collaboratively with famous dead writers. We shared this out today with our Daily Connect site. I find it amusing and strangely frustrating, as the writers interrupt your words with their own phrases.

Here is mine, and here is the link to do your own.

Or you can watch mine unfold in this screencast.

Peace (in the connection),


  1. I had a go. It was fun, and made me laugh. Nothing worth sharing but I was thinking that my students would enjoy this exercise. Maybe they could take on a literary (dead) character and ‘edit’ their colleagues’ writing according to their character’s style. What say you?

  2. I tried to do it, but…well it just made me mad. Revealed a bias that I have that I didn’t know about. The text box is mine unless I want to share it with someone else, not a bot. Definitely not a bot. Still it was good to try. I guess that I will be the first to go when we have the robot apocalypse. Or worse, if God is Bot spelled backwards, then I will be taking another trajectory.

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