Sharing Our Stories

This project popped into my Twitter stream this morning — I sort of had echoes of it yesterday, perhaps – and it intrigued me. It’s a project for educators called Share Your EduStory, and its a hub of inspiration to get teachers sharing their stories of teaching. It’s designed to empower teachers as reflective practitioners and also to counter the negative stories about education that seem to dominate the headlines.

Check out the Share Your EduStory website and follow the links to how you can participate. The threshold is low. Blog when you can, link when you are able, comment and connect as often as possible. Topics for writing will be provided. Connect.

Check out Share Your EduStory

The movement reminds me of what Steven Zemelman has been doing with his site — Teachers Speak Up — and how the move to give us teachers more voice is gaining some traction. But it depends on us, the teachers, to be writers and to provide insights into our classroom experiences. There are echoes of Slice of Life, too, where so many of us write each week about moments, often in our classrooms. And with the second iteration of Walk My World on the horizon, there are all sorts of possibilities.

Let’s get writing!

Peace (in the story),

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