Visual Slices of Life: Views from Conferences

Here are two photo collages from two conferences that I am in the midst of: our Western Massachusetts Writing Project Spring Symposium and the Teaching and Learning Conference (tied in with Digital Learning Day).

And the session I facilitated around remixing …

Lots to share and little time to do it …

Peace (in the whirlwind),

PS — Here’s a bonus from a session on Scratch that I sat in on:


  1. How fortunate to be able to attend two wonderful conferences. Technology and writing seem to be a perfect match.

  2. You are one busy guy! I need to slice with visuals sometimes. Your post is a good reminder of the many ways of being a writer.

  3. Why participate in one conference when you can attend two, Kevin. Beware sensory overload. Hope it’s going well. I’m sitting at home listening to ‘The National.’ The pace is in for you though.

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