Book Review: Odd Type Writers


Now here is a book for those who not only love to read (me!) but also those who are curious about the writers behind the books we love to read (me!). Odd Type Writers by Celia Blue Johnson is a light-hearted, whirlwind tour of the eccentricities of many of the most famous writers, with all of their quirks and processes laid bare for us to marvel at or wonder about.

Johnson explores through research the elementsĀ of where some writers wrote, their odd routines, the foods they had to eat when writing, the color pens and inks they used, animal companions and more. Yes, writers are quirky characters and this book really brings that to the surface (making my own quirks as a writer feel a bit normal).

You might think of this as a gossip book about Joyce, Dickens, Woolf, Wharton, O’Connor, Capote and many others, and I suppose you would be correct. But there is a certain humanity that comes to the surface, too, when you dive into the lives of famous writers and the passions that drove them to create great art.

Peace (under cover),

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