Documenting Our Dreams and Aspirations

Dream Scene Collection 2015

What we were making for the first few weeks of school. This Dream Scene project is a stalwart for me, as it fuses student engagement with technology, writing about aspirations and sparks lots of discussions about where they see themselves in the future.

The arrows should move you along through this Flickr album.

Dream Scenes 2015

Peace (keep the dream alive),

  1. These are great, Kevin. It’s powerful to see them all together, all their dreams and how they intend to make them happen. How did they create these technically? There’s a good variety of scene, character and detail choice.

  2. love the multimodal aspect of this and the idea that lives can be interpreted as a narrative.
    I don’t know if this would work for you in 5/6 but I have my students write down what they expect from the class for the day. At the end of class I have them list the expectations that were met and those that weren’t. I pick those up at the end of class as they leave, then we talk about them the next day and I modify the class agenda accordingly. I also do this with Google Forms. I do this only irregularly as I don’t want it to become a routine.

    Anti-spamity 2day: ouch flop. Sometimes I break the water cleanly as I dive into the deep end, but more often than not it is a loud ouch flop.

  3. Kevin, having students write about their dream is one step forward but to create a picto-library of cartoon scenes is amazing. I am sure your students loved this project.

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