Blackout Poems: Name Recognition

(I am using the New York Times interactive Blackout Poetry site for a few days to create Blackout poems. They give you some articles to choose from. You create poems of no more than 15 words. The interactive does the blacking out around your chosen words. It’s pretty cool. You can also read other poems built around the same articles. Give it a try.)

Blackout Poetry1

Process Note: This poem is createdĀ from an article about model Kate Upton and her attempt to move into acting. It’s also about what beauty is in the age of viral images. In this poem, I tried to keep my attention on the recognition of name in pop culture, and the transient nature of likes and thumbs-ups and more. That “no more than a cameo” is a good line. I also liked the floating off the page concept.

Peace (in what’s unsaid),

  1. You always find such interesting technology resources- I’d love to come visit your classroom and see what you do with them there! This is an interesting commentary, I think, on pop culture!

  2. Kismet. I started a blackout poem last night so I wam going to share that today. I really like the simplicity of yours and the pondering thought.

  3. Wonderful. So much you can do with this and not get tired of it. I’m going to try it with my writing group today.

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