Visual Slice of Life: Leaf on Car Window

I glanced out the sun room window yesterday morning and saw this leaf on the front window of my car. It had rained the night before, so water droplets were still-life portraits on the glass, stuck in motion. I kept looking at the one leaf, though, and thought: I have to take a picture of that leaf.

The curvature of the car window made for both an interesting shot, and a tricky one to pull off. It was like looking over the edge of the globe … the view became distorted, in an interesting way.

I was just using my Android phone for a camera, but I found it interesting how a slight placement shift of my hand and phone would change what the lens was focusing in on. Sometimes, it would be the leaf. Sometimes, the droplets of water. Sometimes, the trees beyond the car.

When I was looking through the shots later, I thought it would be cool to use the Fuse app to “blend” some of the images together. It helped that the angles had the leaf in different spots, and that the light created slightly different hues of color.

I could not help but tinker, too, adding an interesting filter effect for this one, which looks very “artsy fartsy” (official terminology). Look at those drops of water near the bottom of the image … magical.

I find it interesting how one small moment – a leaf stuck to a car window — provides so many different ways to “look” at the world, and a perfect visual Slice of Life.

Peace (it looks wonderful),

  1. Yes, a perfect visual Slice of Life. I am always inspired by your attention to the little things that build a creative life.

  2. Love this! I find great joy in taking photographs but haven’t tinkered around with filters and apps. Your post is nudging me to try it out. Thanks for the great visual slice and for the inspiration.

  3. Everyone’s always giving you compliments about how great you are and how amazing your thinking is, so I was trying to come up with something different….

    Nope, I can’t.

    I love your thinking and your ability to take the time to look at something in as many ways as you need to in order to really see it.

  4. I echo what Kimberly Moran said. Blessed are those who see so much opportunity for investigation, creativity, self-entertainment, and sharing out of small slices of every-day life. I hope you and others who are with our kids every day find more ways to pass on those traits to the world’s future adults.

  5. Beautiful photos! Isn’t it amazing how you can manipulate photos so easily now?

    Love your perspective on just a single leaf.

  6. This shows that you’re a true writer, Kevin. Some people look outside and see their car. You saw the leaf atop the dew on the car and took note of it.

  7. Cool pics! It’s fun to experiment with cameras, leaves, light, water droplets… I’m glad you took the time!

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