It Wasn’t All Bad (There Was Success, Too)

Yesterday, I wrote about my struggles on the first days of school with technology, and how it went awry. But the week also had success, too. For example, on Friday, I was able to get all 70ish of my sixth graders to activate their Google Apps for Education accounts, with very little problems, and all of them were able to dive into Google Slides to “play” for a small bit of time. (I purposely don’t show them what to do, so they have to navigate a new system on their own, with help of friends. Mini-lessons will come later)

SixWord Collage2

A fair number of my homeroom students did, in fact, get a chance to complete their Six Word Memoirs and their Summer Experiences within the collaborative project that fell apart on us on that first day. I can see I have a very sports-orientated bunch of kids with me this year.

SixWord Collage1

And we began our classroom routines (writing prompts, discussions, dedicated reading time, Circle of Power and Respect, etc.) and I began reading the first half of Rikki Tikki Tavi, which will be our touchstone text all year long when it comes to thinking and writing about literature.

200px-Rikki-Tikki-cvrSo, overall, it was a great start to the year, with a few stumbles, and I can’t wait to get back with them on Tuesday. That said, I also don’t mind an extra day home for Labor Day.

Peace (everywhere),

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