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The first line of the invite to Stephen Downe’s newest adventure — E-Learning 3.0 — says:

If you’re reading this, then this course is for you.”

I guess I’m in!

Short Intro: I teach emerging adolescents. I am a writer. Those two passions often intersect. As such, I am always looking for places where educators and writers can connect about learning through digital spaces and immersive experiences. I learned about Stephen’s course through friends’ sharing out on Mastodon, so in some ways, following the trails from those posts and toots (what you post on Mastodon) to the course overview by Stephen (with its first lines of welcome) is a rather natural pathway. This blog post is my first foray into the exploration, and gives me something to feed the RSS Dragon.

Course Site: https://el30.mooc.ca 

Peace (dogs allowed),

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  1. Kevin,

    Love your directness and spare use of words. I’m in it with you, or at least I’m in as much as I can and will be checking in here regularly.

    One thought I had (again) is this: Is this the year to try out YWP’s digital platform for your kiddos? I think you’d find it pretty exciting and maybe it’s a way to try some things out with your students. I know last year you were concerned about the makeup of your students, but what of this year?

    Happy to do it. If your school has a few $ to donate to YWP great, if not, not to worry. Free to you.

    Let’s talk if you’re interested. Because I do believe, passionately, that what we created — with teacher and student input — can help 5/6 graders appreciate writing. And have fun.


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