Making the Heart Map Digital

Sheri wrote about a Heart Compass, which made me remember Georgia Heard’s work around Heart Maps. Both had me wondering how one might move such a project of interior exploration of the heart into a digital form.

I wondered if ThingLink might work, so I gave it a try and created my own linked Heart Map. The ability to add media layers helped extend my short writing along topics of teaching, family, writing, reading and more.

Mostly, the map came out fine (I may yet add more) but I think not having the hand-drawn images of Heart Maps, as shared by Georgia Heard, and Heart Compasses, as shared by Sheri Edwards, is a loss of style, perhaps. The hand-drawn element makes those maps more … human … than mine, I think. I don’t know. Still thinking on this. Maybe this observation says something to me about the digital tools and our need to individualize our passions in this kind of personal mapping work.

Peace (in the heart),

  1. Kevin, I love all the links and resources you shared which touch your heart and share what’s in yours. It shows how one idea can turn into more. It is what you say, “our need to individualize our passions in this kind of personal mapping work.” You made it yours, and in doing so, modeled how our students can do the same, given the opportunity and encouraged to do so. Thanks for connecting the ideas, remixing a concept. ~ Sheri

  2. Cool glimpse into “you,” Kevin. I’m intrigued that you have a link for “music,” and a separate one for “saxophone.”

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