Digital Palimpsest: Words Lost to the Night

Here’s a poem that emerged rather unexpectedly from a daily alchemy prompt through Networked Narratives.

It began here with some silhouettes and a call for wondering who shadows might be. I wrote a poem and layered it on top of the prompt image itself:

Notice how Wendy took that and went a step further, layering another piece on top of the layer.

I took that piece by Wendy and added a few more layers, writing a second poem (video at the top of this post) and then using a few different media apps to create what was fast becoming what Wendy called an onion. Only hints of the first layers are visible.


To which Mia commented about the layering process itself:

And I had to look up the word:

To which Karen added:

Neat, right?

Peace (in the discovery),






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  1. I often compose poetry in my head at night…..most of which is lost. I think the kernels remain and appear at later times. As we did with earlier gif layering, it is interesting to keep the integrity of the original but add to it.

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