One Word Poem: Connect/Ed/Ness

One Word Poem: Connect

I was intrigued by the prompt over at Open Write this weekend for a One-Word Poem. You can see mine above but I was curious how a word becomes a poem or a poem takes on the form of a single word, and whether there was push-back on the notion. What I noticed many of us in Open Write did was add a title to the poem (thereby, sneaking around the one-word rule).

I broke my word into three parts and then made a visual, hoping that the art element would add to the sense of connect/disconnect.

Over on Mastodon, John J. suggested (after remembering a book he once read) that one word poems work best when they are placed artistically on the physical page, so that placement and rotation and other elements play a role in making a single word a poem. I agree.

Learn more about One Word Poems via Poetry Foundation here and here.

Peace (and poems),

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