Feature: Chat Collaboration (or ChatGPT Tennis)

chat collab screenshot
My CLMOOC friends, Sarah and Wendy, were doing some riffing off a ChatGPT response the other day to a DS106 Daily Create when I noticed they were using a feature I had not seen before, allowing you to “share” out a ChatGPT query and response via a link.

This feature allows other people to then access and use the original query/response for further prompting — essentially giving an opportunity for what Wendy delightfully called “ChatGPT Tennis” (as in, return the volley to someone else, and build on an idea, then send it back).

I am curious about the ways this might be used by partners or teams of people, to work an idea into either variations or perhaps to further hone in on a kernel of an idea together. Wendy and her thinking partner do a nice job going over some possibilities in her Elevate Postcard video.

I did ask ChatGPT to create a 25 word story (about thunderstorms) and it generated the link for sharing, so if you want to play along and see how it works, here is the link to the original response. You will need to share the links of any iterations, however, as the original owners don’t get any notifications (which is too bad). You could do that here, in the comments, or on Twitter or Mastodon. Or you can decide not to share back out. It’s up to you.

Peace (Volley For Serve),


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