A Calendar of 25 Poems: Advent Of Love

I used mentor poems from my friend, Deanna, and wrote 25 poems each day from December 2 (I wrote two that first day, to catch up, after realizing the first day had passed me by) through the 25th, and then designed this calendar of links to the mentor text poems, my poems, and the visual version (each used an AI-generated image based on the context or words of my poem).

The embedded version of my calendar is compact and might be too small to be useful, so here is the link to the published version of the calendar.

My process: I would read each poem shared by Deanna each morning, mull over the mentor text, find a line or phrase, then build a poem off that idea. Next, I would go into Firefly AI and work to get an image based on my poem, and then use Pablo to layer the text of the poem with the AI imagery. Finally, I would come to my own calendar and update the day.

Peace (and writing),

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