Not Just Making but Making a Difference

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I’m trying to extend the idea of “making” from our Making Learning Connected MOOC into another direction. I’m hoping that the hundreds of people who have been part of the MOOC this summer might consider making a difference in the world, too. One invitation I am putting out there is for folks who are in the micro-lending site, Kiva, or who may want sign up for Kiva, is to join the “CLMOOC Team” that I set up there. Essentially, a team allows you to become part of a collective that lends out money for business owners around the world.

Come join our Team and make a difference in the lives of others. If you are new to Kiva, signing up for a team gives you a gift of $25 to lend right away.

Peace (in the lending),


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  1. Kevin, I do like the idea. It also sets the excellent example of putting voices and communication skills to real world and better use than meeting (someone else’s) standards.

    Most of my blogging and making time goes to adjunct faculty advocacy for the New Faculty Majority. Informing colleagues and public them about broader issues – shaking them out of their Ivory Silo™ every chance I get – is part of it too.

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