Writing Curriculum Map

Sixth Grade Writing Curriculum

A resource for parents and students


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Start of the Year Activities

(approximate timeframe: September)

  • Oral Storytelling (act out stories with keywords on note cards)
  • Writing Prompts: freewriting (throughout the year)
  • Intro into Weblog Technology
  • Writing BioPoems
  • Read Aloud Plays (cooperative group)
  • Creating Writing Portfolio with goals, reflections, etc.

Adventure Short Story

(approximate timeframe: September-October)

  • Pictures tell a story: safari adventure
  • Conflict/Resolution in writing (puppet skits)
  • WriteSource 2000 – Plot
  • Writing dialogue minilessons
  • Writing an adventure story – project (w/plot peak organizer, scoring rubric)

Descriptive Writing: Monster Exchange

(approximate timeframe: October)

  • Using the senses in writing (alien activity)
  • Monster Exchange
    • Reading Rotten Island
    • Illustrate from listening
    • Creating Monster and description
    • Day in the life of Monster
    • Monster Exchange in classroom

Expository Writing: Imaginary Land Brochure

(approximate timeframe: October-November)

  • Read Weslandia
  • Examining and analyzing travel brochures
  • Creating Imaginary Land and a travel brochure for that land, using attributes of travel brochures
  • Using Microsoft Publisher to create promotional flyer

Theater Writing: Puppets

(approximate timeframe: November-December)

  • Reading Fairy Tale News play (genre of play script writing)
  • Reviewing Plot/Theme
  • Reading ‘Celebrations of World” and discussing common threads (lights, food, family, etc)
  • Prompt: Inventing a holiday and creating story map (setting, characters, plot, resolution, theme)
  • Cooperative Groups
    • Choosing one story map or combining together
    • Writing a script (every group member has role in creation of project)
    • Making puppets (w/art teacher)
    • Creating promotional materials
    • Performing for younger grades
    • Creating movie documentary of the puppet project

Origins of Words

(approximate timeframe: January)

  • Borrowed Words
  • Jigsaw Words
    • Roots
    • Suffix
    • Prefix
  • Eponyms
    • Create ads for objects
  • Made up Words
    • Frindle
    • Class Dictionary
    • Shakespearean insults
  • Multiple Meanings
  • Slang

Parts of Speech

(approximate timeframe: January-February)

  • Madlibs
  • WriteSource
  • Grammar Rock Video
  • Poster Project
    • Adjectives
    • Adverbs
    • Nouns
    • Verbs
    • Prepositions
    • Pronouns
    • Interjections
    • Conjunctions
  • Writing song in style of Grammar Rock – record and post to Weblog

Paragraph Writing

(approximate timeframe: February)

  • WriteSource Overview
  • Expository
    • Giving directions for Norris/HRHS buildings
    • Writing the steps to how to do something
    • Sharing and posting to Weblog
  • Persuasive Writing
    • MCAS as requirement for graduation?
  • Descriptive
    • Describing Quidditch
    • Stuffed Animal Day
  • Narrative
    • Reading Mem Fox  Wilfred…
    • Writing about object that has strong memories
    • Recording and publishing to Weblog

Essay Writing: Name

(approximate timeframe: March)

  • Prompt: Inventing a Legend of your name
  • Handouts: Genre of Five PP Essay Writing
  • WriteSource
  • Interviewing family: origins of name
  • Computer research/sharing of discoveries
  • Writing essay

Figurative Language

(approximate timeframe: March-April)

  • Hyperbole
    • Davy Crockett Listening Quiz
    • Safari exaggeration sheet
    • Creating own Tall Tale Story
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Personification
    • Writing from view of your house in morning
  • Alliteration
  • Imagery
    • Five Senses Chart – using Halibuts and Hailstones
  • Idioms
    • Phantom Tollbooth
    • Beach Boys lyrics
    • Idiom Game
  • Simile/Metaphor
    • Describe Self


(approximate timeframe: March-April)

  • My America – sense of place/imagery
  • Poetry Exploration Project (finding and sharing poems with class)
  • WriteSource overview
  • Illustrating “mind pictures” from some poems
    • The Raven
    • Paul Revere
  • Reading Love That Dog and share poem styles
  • Poems for Multiple Voices
    • Recording to Weblog
  • Poetry Marathon
  • Animal in Me
  • Haikus
  • Inside this ..
  • Odes
  • Create Poetry Book
  • Letter Writing Mini-lesson
  • Submitting Poetry Journal and letter to me
  • Songwriting

Picture Books Creation

(approximate timeframe: May)

  • Integration of curricular theme (this year – science/ last year – math)
  • Read Aloud Author and From Pic to Words
  • Working with librarian to examine genre of picture books
  • Planning and Writing picture book
  • Using Powerpoint to create and publish
  • Sharing with younger grades
  • Posting to Weblog

Short Story: Trapped in a Board Game

(approximate timeframe: June)

  • Reviewing plot
  • Reading/Watching Zathura and/or Jumanji
  • Writing adventure story
  • Integrating historical figure into story
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