Youth Radio: Teachers Teaching Teachers

I took part in a skypecast this week with Paul Allison and Susan Ettenheim on the Teachers Teaching Teachers network (which is a wonderful and insightful weekly program) and they just put the link up on their site. We talked about podcasting and the Youth Radio project that I am helping to lead with upper elementary students from my own school in Massachusetts and other schools across the country.

Take a listen to the podcast Teachers Teaching Teachers


  1. Hi Kevin, I was very interested in the skypecast as I was driving back to Cape Cod this week. I have started a podcast for our school community and have been thinking that perhaps I am missing the opportunity to connect my students (middle school grades 5-8) with other students around the world. “Globalization” is a stategic goal for our district this year and you made me think more on going beyond my small community of Chatham. My students come to me in the technology lab every other day. All have leaned how to produce segments for our weekly podcast. Some students are just beginning to get more involved with the actual production of a show. As you said it is all a learning process that takes time. My goal is for students to take over the entire responsibility of producing our podcasts. If ever you need kid-produced segments for your show I would be happy to provide the link to their work. Your project sounds wonderful. Good luck and I know it will grow by leaps and bounds as more educators realize the power of podcasting. Ann Morgan Chatham Middle School, Chatham, MA

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