Four Slides and the Truth (kind of)

I was following Alice’s blog site, when she mentioned a “contest” over at the dy/dan blog in which people are asked to create a no-frills elevator pitch using slides (no video, no audio, no animation, etc). After reading through Alice’s variations of work, I decided to craft one myself, thinking of my students as my audience. Four slides …. not much room to work and forces you to get to the essence of your message.

But here it is:

[slideshare id=88903&doc=just-who-am-i-anyway3325&w=425]

Peace (in four pieces),

  1. Kevin,
    Good slideshow – I really see the 4 pieces you chose to share. I particularly like that you focused on musician.
    I have been exploring the idea of improvisation lately: relating jazz improv to improvisation in the classroom, in organizations, in life in general. Do you have any thoughts on that?

    ps – LOVE the Charlie Parker quote!

  2. Hi Tracy
    I think improv is the free flow of ideas, and that it is based on the concepts of a journey (to melody, to understanding, etc) and so I can definitely see some connections between a solo that moves within the framework of a song’s structure and how teachers might “riff” on a topic and bring their students to something new via the old.
    I guess many would argue that the standards-based curriculum is bringing this kind of idea — allowing a conversation in the classroom to shift a lesson to something unplanned and yet still rich with learning — to an end for many teachers and students.
    Interesting connections, though.

  3. Hmmm – I’m not sure about that, that standards-based curriculum marks the end of improvisation. Any inspiring improv I have heard or seen works within a structure. The structure keeps it together, keeps a focus. Improvisation in the classroom, for me, has to do with how I dance within and around the structure, allowing my students’ needs to emerge as they will and answering them within the framework of the course objectives (or standards).

    As I said..something I am still thinking about.

    Have a fabulous holiday!

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