The Year Begins with … a podcast

I’ve been busy getting myself and my students situated in Week Two but that hasn’t stopped us from creating a podcast for our class Weblog site. The podcast emerged from a writing prompt on Sept. 11, in which we talked about the impact of change on the world from a negative standpoint and a positive standpoint. We brainstormed ways in which the world needs some help and then they wrote briefly about how they would change the world, if they could.

They did a fantastic job and enjoyed hearing their podcasts the next day (and parents have remarked on the wonder of listening in to the work of the classroom)

You can listen, too:

Peace (with the power to change),

  1. Kevin and students-
    Fantastic job on the podcast and what a great topic to write about. Your essays showed some insightful writing. I think if you students were in charge of the world, we may just see the changes that many of you spoke about. Great job!

    Kevin, would you like for my students to respond to this as a podcast and maybe share their thoughts as well?
    Cheryl Lykowski

  2. Hi Cheryl

    I think that would be fantastic to have your students respond but let me direct you to the class site, The Electronic Pencil, where the podcasts were first posted:

    I may also republish them on Youth Radio, which I hope to get off the ground again in the next week or two.


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