Getting Jing-y with It

I am trying out Jing, a screenshot/video site and it seems to be very cool. You download the program, follow the simple rules for screen video or photos, and then the program uploads to its server and you can share from there — either as a link or as embedded code (such as this picture down below)

And how about the video? Edublogs allows you to embed it as a flash file (good) but the size doesn’t seem to be working right. Wow. It’s too big for my blog theme screen. Oh well, here it is and here is the direct link to my video tour of some of my blogs.

[kml_flashembed movie=""" width="500" height="500" wmode="transparent" /]

OK, I also don’t like that there does not seem to be a tool bar for stopping the video once you have it started. I guess the direct link to the video is the best way to go, but I wish it was a nice embed here at the blog, too.Peace (in experiments),

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  1. Very cool way to get here. I saw that Troy had a new post on his blog in my bloglines and I clicked to find that he had mentioned that we were presenting today on K12 conference. Your name was lit and I clicked and for this entry and here I am and I love how you worked this video of your blogs.
    It would be good to hear more about your different online communities. That’s what we need at our site.

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