The Comment Challenge as Sketchcast

The 31 Day Comment Challenge is nearing its end, and the task before us today (or was it yesterday?) was to explore some different kind of medium. I turned to Sketchcast, which is a neat little platform that allows you to sketch and embed as a video file into blogs. It’s a bit difficult to talk and draw (for me anyway) but I thought I would reflect quickly on how the Comment Challenge is bringing me outside of my traditional blogging circles in interesting ways. I then tried to capture that in my crude drawing.

Sketchcast is probably not the best for commenting, but it does offer the chance to reflect in a different way other than just writing. And for the artistically talented among us (not me), it might give an inroad to a different slant of creative expression. There is a place for people to comment right at the sketch itself at Sketchcast, however.

Why not give the sketching of your brain a try and provide me with a link? I will check it out and comment for you. (If you want to see the original sketchcast, here is the link)

Peace (in sketches),

  1. Hi Kevin
    thanks for introducing Sketchcast. Your sketch reminded me of Dan Roam’s ‘The Back of the Napkin: solving problems and selling ideas with pictures.’ It’s well worth a read on how images assist conceptualisation.

    Where have those days gone to eh? Nearly the end. I agree, it’s been terrific to meet so many new folks. That’s one of the great upsides of these challenges.

  2. This was a really cool idea, Kevin! I saw Sketchcast awhile ago, but had forgotten about it. I could see how it might be perfect for certain kinds of commenting if you wanted to show someone how to do solve a problem, for example. I’ve also done screencasts for people with Jing to show them how to use software, which is another way that you could comment visually.

  3. It is an interesting convergence of art and writing.
    I am not quite comfortable with the sketching but I love the concept.
    And sharing is so simple.
    Take care

  4. Cool I’m assuming that you used a Tablet PC? I’ve tried it using a mouse but its just not the same 🙁 . Now I’m interested on your reflection of the Challenge. Before the Challenge you already had connections with global educators and regularly commented. So what do you feel are the main extras from the Challenges; e.g. exposed to a more diverse group of people, increased conversations through commenting?

  5. Hey Kevin,
    How’s this for following the lead? I saw this new tool here and went to the site and began to register and realized that I already joined. That was probably the last time you used it here.
    I am having trouble though hearing you. I don’t think anyone else is having that problem.

  6. Bonnie
    The kids were sleeping and the house was quiet, so I think I could have talked louder under other circumstances.

    What is interesting is that although it is true I had already connected with one circle of bloggers, the challenge has expanded that network and you slowly come to realize that there are many cocentric communities out there that sometimes overlap. But if you are not paying attention (or not going back to your comments), you may never quite realize the depth of those communities. Does that make sense?


  7. Kevin, I’ve also found that my network has expanded through the challenge. After watching your Sketchcast I’m thinking I’ll have to give it a try and see how I can draw my view of how my network has changed. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  9. Hi Kevin, well I brought my Wacom tablet home from work so that I could give Sketchcast a good try–I found that using it with my laptop touchpad wasn’t so hot. Here is the link to my Sketchcast comment, which I will post on my blog soon, I hope! Thanks for inspiring me to try out something that has been on my to do list!

  10. Yes Kevin it does make sense because I watched Claire’s Sketchcast (inspired by you) before writing this latest comment. And what another great way to consider effective commenting practice as something that help you realise the depth of blogging communities. Wow you did well using a mouse — I tried it months ago but really wanted a Tablet PC.

  11. Claire,
    Great job on your sketchcast. I think we must have had the same art teacher (ha).
    But the visual, with your voice, is really engaging, and your points of showing how your network has grown was quite effective to me. I liked your point of noticing the interconnections going on. Sometimes we move so fast we don’t see all of those connections. The challenge is forcing us, willingly, to slow down a bit and see what is there and just beyond our field of vision.

    I got some Mad Mouse Skills! (I’ve been wanting to write that, for some reason)


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