Wow! Wordle is Cool

I found this site via Larry (always a good connection) and it is called Wordle. Wordle takes your words and then reforms them as a Word Cloud, giving prominence and good placement to words that are repeated or used most often in the text you provide it.

As an experiment, I took all of my own Days in a Sentence from this year (since January — I keep them in a Google Docs file) and created this:

I love that Students is the biggest word on my cloud. (Although why the word Goo is bigger than some others has me pleasantly puzzled)
Then, I grabbed all 20 (so far) submissions for this week’s Day in a Sentence feature, and gave Wordle another go.
Check this out:
The word Week is pretty big, but I also see Summer and Teachers and Students in our collective Wordle Mix. I love transforming words, you know?
What can you do with Wordle? Let me know.
Peace (in word clouds),
  1. Blogged the same program today! It made me wonder what other great Web 2.0 sites I didn’t know. I am hoping people share via comment some great new sites to check out! Wordle is amazing.

  2. You could use this to make a cool visual for a collection of words for themes associated with a certain unit and/or piece you are studying with your students.

  3. I can envision putting it up one morning at our SI on the LCD projector and having participants just select and few words to write with and then if we can create interesting clouds, who knows. I am so glad we get these opportunities to play with new tools.
    I remember being overwhelmed by new discoveries, now I thirst for them.

  4. Okay, I tried it, and I love the result, but I don’t know how to move my cloud to my blog or someplace else. How did you get it here?

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  6. Sorry Lynn
    I should have said that I did a screenshot (on a PC, hit “printscreen” key and then go into Paint and paste, then save as a jpeg) and then moved it up into flickr for sharing. I could not find an easy way at Wordle to share it out on a blog.
    How did you do?

  7. Of course, a screen shot makes perfect sense. I was looking for the Wordie button and didn’t even think of it. I’m going to go make one and post it to my blog.
    Have a good day!

  8. I found myself going back and adjusting the words I had written so the word cloud looked more like what I thought was my main idea. THis presents nteresting possibilities for editing of student work!
    Thanks again

  9. Hi Kevin
    Actually, I have two blogs. I started one over a year ago, and thought it would only be for school stuff, and the other I started in January. I thought it was going to be more random, but I find them growing closer together. They are:
    School one:
    Other one:

    I’m wordie happy today, as you’ll see if you check them out!

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