What is Web 2.0?

Over at The Bamboo Project Blog, Michelle is launching as Web 2.0 Wednesday venture, and today, she is asking folks to come up with a way to explain what Web 2.0 might be in about a minute (using any media — audio, video, words, whatever). I went over to ToonDoo and cooked up this quick comic to try to explain how I see Web 2.0 along the lines of community, connections and exploration.

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(click on comic to get bigger version over at ToonDoo)

What do you think?

Check out Michelle’s blog and consider taking part in this exploration of connections within a community (see how it works?)

Peace (in blogs),

  1. Kevin,

    As always, a fantastic outcome! Just loved the comics, very straightforward. I have already shared with a group of educators I’m giving an online session to at Diigo.

    I’m sure our learning together will take us to wonderful productions through the wonderful leading hand of Michele.

  2. Hi Kevin – your comic had me thinking (from a technical point) because I used to embed ToonDoo as a scrollable comic in my posts using the Flash Embed button. Well that doesn’t work however if you use ToonDoo’s embed option “Customisable Flash based scroller to fit into tight places spaces” and add to the HTML code option it works. This way people would see the full size in your post (however it may be stripped out in Readers).

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  4. Kevin,
    Great job on the cartoon. I’d like to use it in workshops I do with our district teachers in Palm Beach County Schools, FL. I’m always trying to get them to understand what’s going on outside their classrooms so they can bring a little bit back inside with them. Your ‘toon will help a lot. Will that be ok with you?

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