21st Century Skills

This is a nifty graphic showing the skills that kids need in this world. This comes from Edutopia (a magazine I used to get for free, but have dropped now that they want money. It was nice a freebie, but to me, it didn’t seem worth the cash). I like how create and collaborate are just as prominent as the learning that goes on in the classroom.

What do you think?

(See image at Edutopia site)

Peace (in the present and future),

  1. You’d think since Edutopia is published by the George Lucas Foundation, they have enough money to give away a few magazines for goodness sakes! (think Star Wars)

  2. Seems like everyone has a hand out. Have you noticed the new Edublog Supporter? Looks like it’s not a donation now. Maybe I read it wrong, I hope,

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