When the Snowman Melts

In the days leading up to Christmas, we had substantial snow (and then, sleet, and then, rain) and the conditions were ripe for building a snowman. So, my youngest son and I went out and built a good-sized snowdude, put a baseball helmet on him and added a bucket for collecting snowball. I should have taken a picture right then and there, but I forgot. On day two, the weather turned warm and the snowman began to … droop.

Here are some pictures that are part of the PhotoFriday collective (you can join in, too).

Today … might be another rebuilding day.

Peace (in construction and deconstruction),

  1. oh what fun! the baseball getup is priceless…

    the weather here has warmed a little (cat water didn’t freeze during the day yesterday), but there are still a few straggling snow flakes sifting down from the leaden skies.

    our nine inches has blown us all away: we’re used to four inches at the max — and that only lasting a couple days! what a memorable Christmas 🙂

  2. Glad you had some snow, Alex. And glad the cat didn’t freeze.
    We have had two pretty nice and shiny days, but there is still plenty of snow around.
    And the snowman still stands …

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