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Hello out there in the wired world!

This week’s edition of Day in a Sentence is back to the basics: Reflect on your week or a day in your week, and then boil it down to a single sentence, add it as a comment to this post, and then wait with high levels of anticipation for this weekend when I release them all together as a collaborative, community effort.

Sounds simple, right? You bet. And you are invited to join us — veterans and newcomers alike. This is not one of the exclusive spaces — we aim for inclusiveness. So please add your Day in a Sentence. We want to know how things are going for you this week.

Here is mine (listen to the podcast):

My classroom was full of laughter this week as my students found joy in the creation of new words, which will be added to a four-year-and-growing online collaborative wiki dictionary project that already has hundreds of invented words.

And here is a little video introduction I had created for the dictionary wiki that I refer to in my sentence (I will share out more about that project in the coming days). The passage here is from Frindle, by Andrew Clements, and it all about the power of the dictionary.

Peace (in words),

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