Slice of Life: Off to Mars

(This is part of the Slice of Life project)

What kind of whim is this? One I rarely pass up.

I saw someone (Bud the Teacher?) post something about sending your name to Mars on a microchip in a future Mars Rover via NASA. This is my kind of adventure: I get to send part of me without having to endure the grueling travel. So, I did it, and now my name will be forever etched upon a chip heading to Mars, although whether anyone or anything(!) will ever read it is another story for another time (and another place, too, I bet).

But, at least I am certified, with a number and everything. And I am clearly Part of History. (You can come, too, if you want. I’ll bring the beverages if you bring the food. We’ll have a grand ‘ol time — plenty of stories to tell. Just think the Slice of Lives we could put together.)

Mars Science Lab: Send Your Name to Mars

Peace (in space travel),

  1. Yes! That is awesome. Congratulations on your… trip? Another cool ‘trip’ is the one I did with the National Geographic genome project where it traces back your genetic code so you can see your origins and how your ancestors migrated over thousands of years based on matches with the reat of the world and the earliest found dna holding fossils.

    I was allowed to do this because I do not live in Texas.

  2. Okay, I’m taking the pizza order, and I’ll try and get on this to get my name on the chip. Really kind of interesting and fun to contemplate, only after David Pogue’s column this week in the NYTimes, I’m rethinking a lot of storagy things. But a chip–surely that must be sort of the gold standard of storage?

    Congrats–and no jet lag either!


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